Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trunk Show Preview

I got invited to be part of a "trunk show" this weekend so I have been working like crazy to put together a one sheet "artist statement" that will introduce my cards, the price, and my purpose. I want this thing to double as an insert for my card packaging when I wholesale them. It will be what people read when they look at the "back" of the packaging and what will be on the table next to my basket of cards at the trunk sale.

What I wrote comes from my etsy store announcement so the real work came in laying it out. I don't know why I made my job harder by doing it in Photoshop; I guess I knew that by doing so I would learn new tricks. I did. But wow, doing layout and design in that program is a pain.

Some artist statements are vacuous and overly flowery. I wanted to avoid that. I think I succeeded.

Now I just need to size and print out the inserts for two different sized envelopes, print stickers for the backs of the cards, stick them, and stuff the envelopes. I'm thinking of also bringing my bookmarks and monkey pendants to gauge interest in them. Although I have sold every bookmark I've listed on etsy, listing them is a royal pain and the profit margin isn't so great, so I'm not inclined to list more of them if they can be sold in other venues.

I don't have any expectations about this trunk sale. In an ideal world I would make enough to buy a new sewing machine so I can start making monkeys again. Why monkeys when none of them has sold yet? They bring people in to my store :D and relisting the same old one isn't going to attract people who already recognize him. Plus, I need a break from paper.

Wish me luck!


comebacknikki said...

Very cool! Have fun! :)

Psychgrad said...

Good luck!