Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pyramid Boxing Snore Fest

The behemoth has spent nearly all morning snoozing on MY couch and snoring loudly in my ear while I sat on the floor in front of her to work. Did I mention that Her Royal Newfsance snores? These are not cute little dog snores, these are fully fledged, human sounding, sawing-of-logs snores.

And then, when she feels the need for a good stretch, she extends her giant front paw straight out and into my back so forcefully that I suddenly find myself thrust forward and curled over my laptop. She leaves her paw jambed into my back to reinforce her point. And then, just to make sure I noticed, she lets out her characteristic WRaaaa-ooooh-uuuuhn statement about how disgusted she is with the fact that I was in her way.

Just a typical morning when you share your living space with a person sized dog named Katy.

Max smartly stayed curled up in his bed in a warm, dark corner under his fleece blanket.

Some mornings I am tempted to do the same, but if I had, you'd never see a box like this!


stonesoupjewelry said...

That sweet sleeping dog face is adorable. I love Newfies (we have a Lab, so not as much dog or hair, but the same sort of temperament - just snuggly). :)

And your Etsy shop is lovely, too!

Field Notes said...

Thank you Stonesoup :D

Labs, Newfs, they are giant lover heads - lap dogs who don't realize they aren't really lap sized.

KieutiePie said...

OOOOH your puppy is so cute!!! I just have a tiny little guy. No snoring at all, much less chainsaw madness! =}