Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving/Trunk Show Roundup

This years Turkey Day involved too much driving! We drove from our home to Salem one day, then the next day from there to Bellingham and back. After a day's break from driving to do the trunk show, we drove from Salem to home. I don't want to know how many miles it was. What I do know is that the trunk show was a huge flop for everyone but Mr. Field Notes. He sold several scarves and made enough to pay for the trip and then some! The rest of us (his mom and moi) spent more money than we earned on the deal. I didn't lose money in the sense that I can re-use everything I spent money on, which wasn't much, but she spent a significant amount on publicity and very few people actually came. Half of those who did come only came because they went to another trunk show up the road. Talk about frustrating... especially if your livelihood depends on that sort of thing.

Mr. Field Notes traded her for a gorgeous purple and green scarf she wove and hadn't sold yet. It was so pretty and a perfect match for my winter vest that I actually considered buying it outright. I am so glad they worked out a trade :-) I had to toss in the Little Prince envelopes I made to round out the deal. I made them out of a calender I used in 2001. I bought it in Paris and ended up keeping it because the images were too neat and the paper stock too nice to toss in the recycling.

I've turned all of our old calenders into envelopes. It's easy. I think I've got around 50 envelopes - La Vache Qui Rit (The Laughing Cow cheese calender I also bought in Paris some time ago), a couple of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund calenders (we get them every year) and a set of Newfoundlands.

Speaking of the Newf, she was such a McStinkus again when we picked her up from her weekend resort destination (aka the kennel amid the orchards) that we gave her a bath. Her lil bro needed one too. I think they gave them baths there because they both had the characteristic corkscrew curl crimped ear hairs they get after being really wet. While McStinky was getting her bath I was blowing the little guy dry with the hair dryer and brushing his hair at the same time. He looked almost professionally groomed by the end, so I figured I'd spritz him with a little perfume like they do at the groomers. I used some B&BWs Black Current Vanilla. Miss Newfssance got the same deal minus the blow dry brushing. She's self drying, being a Newfoundland and all.

Speaking of the B&BWs, I scored some new scents. If my olfactory bulb no longer did it's job I would be one sad little primate. Fortunately my senses all work well. Even though I have been sick with a run of the mill head cold that has alternately caused my nose to rain mucus and be completely plugged, I could still smell the turkey dinner and the Velvet Tuberose at the B&BWs. It's my new favorite.

I am so glad to be home now! The dogs have been big lovers, even Mr. Curmudgeon. He tried to climb into my lap to get snuggles when I was busy organizing my shoes in the closet. I decided that it is no longer sandal season so I put them away and broke out the winter shoes, including my new pair of snazzy black Euro tennies from Clarks that I found on sale last night. I asked for a discount because they only had the display model in my size. You have to do that; they won't offer it. It wasn't much - basically the amount of the sales tax, which is in principal an unfair tax. But that's another post. See, if you grow up in MT and marry someone who grew up in OR and both of you move to NH (all of which are states without sales tax) and then settle in state with a sales tax, you develop an attitude about the 8%.

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