Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Visual Development - Part 3: Handmade Boppy Cover

Baby Field Notes has finally started to track moving objects regularly now with her eyes and shows interest in objects she sees. Her eye contact is more steady too. The other day I caught her looking over my shoulder at my sock monkey collection, so now it is officially time to break out the things I've made for her to stimulate her eyes and more importantly, her brain.

Recently I finished a cover I sewed for the Boppy nursing pillow I have. It's got the same bold black, white and red fabrics I used for her fabric book and the taggie blankets. I used left over ribbon to edge the cover so she has something to tug on and finger during tummy time.

The thing is, I don't use the Boppy pillow anymore. A bunch of jumbled up blankets stuffed here and there around her is way better. I just could never really figure out how to fit the Boppy around my waist and position her on it to permit easy, comfortable breastfeeding. It purports to conform to 'all body types' but it doesn't work for me, or her, so I've abandoned it in favor of blankets.

But, I still have this awesome cover for the Boppy so I am hoping to discover a way to use it for something else.

p.s. Here she is with our newest sock monkey. Can you believe that grin?!?


Nerida said...

So gorgeous and so small with such a big grin!

Becky said...

First of all, your creativity inspires me. I have a Boppy and your cover is way more awesome. :)

The funny thing about the "one size fits all" Boppy is that the one I purchased at a yard sale is perfect for me - it fits and I often take it in the car with me when going places so I can have it wherever I end up nursing her. But the one someone purchased for me at the store and the one I used at a friend's house don't fit. They're small and uncomfortable. Weird. I'm glad you're finding some way to get some use out of yours, however!

And finally...your little girl is adorable. What a grin!