Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Newfies Meet Baby: Nanny Dogs Extraordinaire!

Katy the Newfoundland, Chief Baby Guard,
reports for duty!

Both newfs were justifiably curious about their new housemate and also very cautious. They were not afraid. They showed gentle, profound interest in what she was.


Lots and lots of gentle sniffs to her fuzzy little noggin. Those became delicate kisses to her head and cheek.

I don't recall any excitable tail wagging during the introduction nor do I recall Yuki wandering around with her tail raised. She showed complete submission. I was very surprised we did not have to establish dominance over her — she just knew. I think that must be part of the Newfoundland's "nanny dog" reputation.

After they met and things calmed down we set Baby FN down in her 'bassinet.' Both dogs peeked over the sides to see and sniff her. As things returned to relative normal at home, both Katy and Yuki would periodically go in and check on her. She doesn't fuss, she just sleeps and makes little cooing noises when she wakes. She displays an amazingly 'easy' temperament right now. Perhaps too easy, her pediatrician says. She thinks my baby is "too content," so we're agitating her around feeding times to get her properly worked up into an eating frenzy so she'll put on good weight.

Yuki, if she knew, would be flabbergasted to hear BFN needs to be prodded to eat a bunch. Flabbergasted! And no surprise here, Yuki thinks I smell fascinating. Katy hasn't shown much curiosity there — she seems to get that I am nursing "puppies." Katy has always been very maternal toward Yuki so that's no surprise either!

Regarding Katy, she immediately took charge and bossed Yuki into being a better dog. And, for her part, Yuki appears to have grown up overnight. Well, it's more like 3 nights since I was in the hospital that long. I had to have a C-section. Ugh. More on that later.

Although Katy immediately assumed command of baby guard duty, she did allow Yuki a volunteer position. And, Yuki has already earned a promotion.

Brevet captain of the Baby Watchmen
after her battlefield promotion


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

My great-grandmother lived on a ranch when she was a child and the family had 6 Newfoundlands. Each sibling had one and they used to "ride" them and/or harness them to the wagon. Very gentle, very sweet dogs.


Ah, Newfies get to finally play "Big Sisters"...!

Well played, both ways. Be well.

Ms Avery said...

Tee hee! I love her little hat :)

miznyc said...

so. cute! Love that last shot. Newfoundlands are awesome.

Becky said...

HA! This is a great post. Your dogs, by the way, are beautiful. And BFN is so small! Babies just amaze me, really. I can't wait to meet my Little Miss and see just how small and fragile and beautiful she is.

What fun to watch the dogs learn about this new development. I'm curious as to how our black lab mix will take the introduction...I think she'll be excited and curious, and I'm a little worried about her excitedness! She tends to jump around a lot when she's excited. But we shall see...hopefully SOON!!!

Field Notes said...

Becky, I was worried too about the dog introduction. Yuki is really excitable and jumpy.. well, WAS. She seems to really get that this is a fragile being and she has to stay calm.

I hope you get to find out soon and that you have an easy and trouble free delivery!