Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Week in Review

Don't worry grandma! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! You're probably the only one who still reads this blog now that I post so infrequently — for that I blame pregnancy and the horrible, horrible heartburn I still get. I wake up with it; I go to sleep with it; I pretty much feel like throwing up most of the day because of the acid reflux that goes with it. And now, I am huge enough that I walk funny and have to think about how I am going to get back up if I squat (there is no such thing as bending down anymore) to pick something up off the floor. Needless to say, I sort of wish I had more orangutan-like toes. I would put them to good use.

This week, I managed through 3 days of solo dog duty because Mr. Field Notes was away at a conference. They were sweethearts, mostly, and did remember to wake me up for work in the morning so that was good and all I really expected of them.

Mr. FN's nearly 100 year old grandpa died. He was a Lt. Colonel in the Army so he had a military service, complete with gun fire out at the army fort. We couldn't be there because I'm too far along for air travel. I'm glad I at least got to meet him when I did.

My belly button is starting to pop out, but still no stretch marks for now! Did I mention I feel like barfing? Ugh. I really wish that would stop.

Yuki has to go to bed now with her "Shreddy Bear" nearby. It's her ball made of rope. She has to have something to chew on every night before bed and the pieces of it come apart and scatter all over the floor. It makes a colossal mess, but she loves it and it helps her get to sleep, sort of like a teddy bear.

Two movies I watched were sursprisingly bad: The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I didn't have high hopes for the former one, given it's a Keanu Reaves movie and he never makes good movies. But it had Jennifer Connely in it and is a sci-fi doomsday flick so I couldn't not see it, but jeeeeeez - who the heck wrote the script? Aliens want to wipe out humans because we are killing the earth's other life forms due to our selfishness, but the alien meets a kindly (female) scientist who takes him to meet an evolutionary biologist who is working on "biological altruism." This is supposed to show him that not all humans are selfish and that we can evolve altruism. The alien still has to help him hammer out the exact formula for it though. And then later the alien has a change of heart about destroying humankind when the scientist's kid demonstrates grief. Good grief, I say! Just because one kid is capable of grieving the death of his father does not mean humans are capable of being altruistic to other life forms. Ugh. And, whatever. At least the special effects were decent and I didn't fall asleep. The Brad Pitt Button film was a royal snoozer. I fell asleep numerous times and had to watch it in two parts on different days. It was at least a good story. Based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. Who knew?

So that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and I am finally reading a book for fun. Granted, it's an academic one (the only kind I really ever read) but it's a snoozer too. I don't think I'll finish it.

Good stuff happening? Ummmmm, lemme think. The flowering trees are stunning and I've already got snapdragons in bloom. The weather has been warmer and I'm eating ice cream like no one else! It cures heartburn, wouldn't ya know! And, if you put bananas and peanutes in it, you can *almost* call it dinner. Least, that's my reasoning tonight!


Psycgirl said...

I'm still reading :)

The Empty Envelope said...

I'm still reading!! You should read Benjamin Button. It's *very* short and funnier then the movie. But I bawled at the end of both.

Field Notes said...

Yay! Thank you for sticking with me through my lack of posting!

Virginia Burnett said...

I love your posts and both my kids frequently ask for updates on the Newfs - pregnancy related gaps in posting won't keep us away! :)

Thanks for the heads up about Benjamin Button. I've been wondering whether or not it is a must see - I'll just revisit Fitzgerald and save myself the agony.