Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Improvements Meet Canine Approval

All home improvements are made for the comfort of the residence's two canine guardians. We bought those couches for them, so they'd have a comfortable place to chew toilet paper stolen off the roll in the bathroom. And, although we put a lot of thought into how much Katy would appreciate the cool temperature of the wood floors, she has made her preference clear. Somewhere behind those couches a third Newfie grows tuft by tuft, day by day. The only question that remains is how large will I let it grow before I move it to its new home in the innards of the vacuum cleaner, a device purchased solely for the entertainment of the Newfies.


The Empty Envelope said...

ROTFLMBO!! They are so cute! I am glad they approve. Your remodel looks really great, congrats!

LeelaBijou said...

Hehe, your dogs are so cute! :)

SHI said...

I love the wood floors! We don't have furniture for us anymore, it's all for the dogs :)