Friday, August 15, 2008

Newfoundlands wreck your home.

Newfoundlands wreck your home.

That's the title of one of our favorite YouTube videos, but the thing is, the video just shows this cute little puppy - about Yuki's size - who chases a cute toy around. Nothing in the house comes even remotely close to being so much as briefly out of order.

Maybe the headline was prophetic - for as we well know with TWO of them - that Newfoundlands *do* make their mark on your home.

Little baby Yuki has certainly made her mark on Katy's home. Often running her yap as she's doing over there on the couch while playing with her toys - I mean - Katy's former toys. Bark. Bark. Bark.... BARK! BARK! BARK!

The placid scene of the two of them above happens every time Mr. Field Notes leaves - they both run to the big comfy chair at the front of the house to watch him walk away down the sidewalk. It's pretty much the most peaceful thing they do when they're awake.

The rest of the time - it's PLAY FIGHT CLUB mayhem.

Katy would rather lie outside in the sun - when it's 100 degrees - than come inside and deal with her little sister's antics.

At least, that's how I took it when I tried to get Her Royal Newfyness to come back inside after a noontime yard break.

She had already done her business and there were still plenty of plums outside to go off and eat. Huge shaggy black dog is so tired of sister that she'd rather pant and go crazy hot than to come inside where it's air conditioned.

Only after baby Yuckster went outside and fished around for her own plums did Big K finally truck back inside, presumably to remind the baby that she is the Reigning Queen of the Plums. And that's exactly what she did - she launched into baby sister's ear when she came too close while I was grooming off all the dirt, grass, and dried God-knows-what Katy put all over herself while being a big stubborn head outside. I guess she read today's headline in the paper: Being a jerk is legal, court says.

She really is a very good dog, very obedient - to the point she will not eat a treat you have put in her paws until you say it's okay - well after any other dog would have gobbled it. She's just got this mean streak that flairs up when being groomed.

The baby? It's too early to tell, but there's plenty to talk about how the training is going in the next installment of Newfoundland News.

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