Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm now a curator.

Members of etsy, the online company I sell my artwork through, can compose collections of other etsy member's artwork. The collections are called "treasuries" and are basically a 3 item x 4 item poster style collection of thumbnail images of listings on etsy.

The etsy website's front page of displays a treasury and they are rotated throughout the day so fresh ones are always available for viewing pleasure. The best ones are themselves a work of art.

People who put them together are called "curators," which reflects the idea that these treasuries are mini galleries. People compete like mad to get the opportunity to create one, and last night I got that opportunity.

There are a certain number of treasuries listed on etsy and anyone can view them at any time, but they can only be created when the number of them dips below 222. If that happens when you happen to have your browser open on the list of treasuries, you might see a box at the bottom of the page where you can type in a title. I chose one from a movie I saw recently about Japan.

Then I picked one piece (from Mr. Field Notes' collection) and built it up from that, choosing colors that played off of it and each other. I ended up changing out the scarf until I found one I really liked. I searched for colors that were in the scarf or that would look nice next to it: citron, purple, plum, raspberry, kiwi, turquoise, etc.

I also looked through my collection of "favorites, " pieces I have added to an online folder that represents my wish list of artwork (and handmade jewelry) I wouldn't mind owning. I found a few pieces that fit the bill, and when I liked the artist's style, but the piece I put in my favorites didn't match my color theme, I went back to their shop to find something that did fit.

I think it turned out very well for my first time putting one together, and one done on the fly no less. It took about 30 mins. to find and upload the pieces.

I am quite proud of how the whole thing turned out color and composition wise. you can click on the image and see a larger view of it.


High Desert Diva said...

Love it!
Great colors/items...bravo

Karma by Morgan said...

nice job! I love your work as well. PS congrats on your PhD thats a huge accomplishment :)

good luck and great picks

Anonymous said...

A great treasury. I have never tried to be a curator yet. Maybe I can use you as an inspiration.
Thanks, A

CopperSpringsLeather said...

what a beautiful treasury

VioletsVintage said...

Hello and great post..the treasuries are so hard to get, congrats!

I'd like to trade blog links with you if you'd like to. I'm looking to link my blog to similar ones. Keep up the good work. BB

PamperingBeki said...

Great job! It looks really nice.

Now that you've learned how much fun it is, you're going to be hooked though. :)

Rose said...

very cool! now back to the rest to read!

tara said...

That's a beautiful treasury!
And I just read your analysis on # of items and sales and just wanted to say: Thank you!

jcnStudios said...

Your treasury is fabulous! Those colors go so nicely together and makes for great eye candy.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful blog and beautiful treasury!! I'd love to know how you took a picture of it!

Field Notes said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments!

I made the image of it by doing a screen shot. Then I cropped it in Photoshop.