Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year In Review

This year was a one of the best years I've had in recent memory. No one in my family died (in fact, a few were born), no one lost a job or was laid off, and we are all healthier than we were this time last year. That doesn't mean everything was completely rosy. Afterall, I had to have surgery and am still learning to accept the reality of not being able to have children even though in theory I would like to at least have the option. But, all in all, it was a fantastic year!!


10) I didn't have to settle for a low paying, heavy teaching load with research expectations academic position in a far away town with crappy weather and a high cost of living.

9) I got a job I hope I will be able to enjoy for as long as I need to.

8) My dad flew all the way across the country with me to see me get "hooded" in the big graduation ceremony. We had a great time eating lobster, going to the coast, and exploring the place I used to live. That was a trip to remember and I am so very glad that he was there to celebrate with me, Mr. Field Notes, and my friends.

7) Mr. Field Notes continues to be my very best friend and was, as always, an unbelievably amazing chef for our household this year. From his fresh raspberry filled crepes to the handmade samosas, curries and Tunisian stew, to the stove top chai teas with spices from his collection, the mac & cheese made with gruyere, and many other well made meals, he guarantees we are very well fed.

6) I got to hold my adorable nephew and niece. They both look like me - which is to say unbelievably cute with strawberry blonde hair!

5) Max, the geriatric spaniel, is still alive and kicking. Most days he still likes us us at least 51% of the time. And his Sister Katy continues to be paws down the best dog I have ever had. No offense to Mr. Max or my childhood Lily malamute girl, but Katy is friendly and affectionate and she never ever gets into the garbage or deposits runny turds Stonehenge style in the living room like a previously mentioned pointy eared dog was known to do. Katy is kind, sensitive, affectionate, obedient, playful, attentive and the best canine friend anyone could ever hope to have. Just don't ask M.A.X. He'll tell you I am exaggerating BIG TIME.

4) My etsy store/Recycled Ideas business is fully operational and operating in the black (that is if you count my recent sewing machine purchase as a Christmas pressie and not as a business expense).

3) The manuscript I thought would never be published is now published! It's in the June issue of Current Psychology.

2) I got to go to Japan! Man that was an awesome treat. I think any year I get to leave the country, and not just to Canada or Mexico, is a very good year indeed. Japan is one of the best places I've visited.

And the number one reason why I had the best year yet -

1) I earned a PhD and am now the first person in my family who can legitimately be called "Doctor."

Now if my dad would just say "What's up doc?" a few more times when he answers the phone in the future, you know for auld lang syne, that would be really cool. I might forget I'm a doctor otherwise.


MyCatLulu- Becca said...

Wow! What a wonderful year. I should do a sum up, I think it will help show of the wonderful things that happens in everyday life. Congrats on being a Doctor! and a great art maker.

Dharma Designs said...

Mr. Field Notes sounds wonderful. Chai and samosas - my favorites! You lucky girl. Glad to hear your hard work is paying off. You'll always be one of my Etsy faves. Love ya!

KieutiePie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Sounds like you had a great 2007. Keep it goin! =D

oddist said...

I wanna go to Japan. Glad to hear you had a good year. Heres to a better on in '08.

Nabin said...

You really enjoyed 2007. I am sure that 2008 will bring more happiness in your life

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Japan. I think you should post more about that =]
Happy New Years!

GrayEyedScorpio said...

What a momentous year!
BTW, have you heard of Joe Carroll, of UM-St. Louis? He writes and speaks extensively on evolutionary psychology as a means of literary criticism. He edited the latest "Origins of the Species" edition, and was one of my most eminent professors (MA in Lit). Congrats on progressing in such an important field!

(Your have a cool Etsy shop, too!)

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Congrats on all of your accomplishments! I'm with Oddist- I'd love to see Japan. Have a wonderful 2008. :)

QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

congratulations on your successes!

Psychgrad said...

Definitely a good year for you! Did you blog about the publication and the job? Congratulations on both...well congratulations on everything, but I don't think I knew about those two points.

I hope 2008 is also a good year for you and Mr. Field Notes.

Paul said...

Happy New Year, Field Notes! I hope your new year is even more wonderful than the last.

Field Notes said...

Japan is a wonderful place to visit. Save up and make the trip you two! I will work in some more Japan posts. you aren't the only ones who want more!

The name Carroll rings a bell. The literary criticism meets EP stuff is interesting. I particularly enjoy the analyses of comic book characters.

I did blog about the pub a while back when it was accepted. I haven't yet written about my new job, but I am sure I will have many things to comment about it soon.

Thank you all for the well wishes - right back at ya!!!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Love your blog and wow! What a year indeed! Congrats!

yellowfish said...

great year, congrats doc!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to take Martin Seligman's advice and end the day by remembering three good things. Reading your ten good things was just as happyfying.

Susan at Hug the Monkey
(why won't Blogger let me sign in with "other identity"???)

Field Notes said...

Thank you Susan :)

I have no idea why blogger won't let you sign in.. harumpf. I'll check my settings and see if that has anything to do with it.