Sunday, October 14, 2007

Snooze Buddies


The remarkable thing about this photo is that it was NOT staged.

Normally if one is already on one of the two pillows, and the other wants to sleep on the unoccupied pillow, the desirous one moves along to a different spot.

If little Max is the desirous one he makes a big show of wanting to sleep on the open pillow. He'll stand around and stare off in all directions. He wants Katy to move, but she won't. He eventually trundles off, disgusted.

If the desirous one is BIGG Katy, she occasionally just flops down on the open pillow. She doesn't much mind sleeping next to Max. But he *hates* it. He always gets up and moves.

This photo captures the rare exception. He actually stayed.

(If you look closely, you might be able to notice that his paw is actually resting on her!)

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