Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Daily Routine

Last night my SIL sent a fun email about how my little niece, who isn't even one yet, put her toys away at bedtime. It got me thinking about what our routine is around here.

No kids yet, but we do have our hands nearly full with two dogs, one of whom is a puppy who *loves* toys. Each night we watch Toy Parade, which is a much quieter alternative to Fight Club.

Toy Parade:
Katy brings us one of her toys at a time, usually when we're trying to finish watching a movie. She flops down in front of us and mouths the toy for about 30 seconds before getting up for another one. The average is about 8 toys a night. She never puts them away. I get to do that in the morning.

Fight Club:
Both dogs run at full speed from the front of the house to the back until dog tired. The little ones yaps, snarls, and barks his fool head off at the big one the whole time. The big one fake bites, tries to run the little one into walls and furniture, play bows, and swats him over the head. Rarely does Fight Club escalate into a brawl. It's a noisy affair that often happens twice a day - once after breakfast and once after Mr. Field Notes goes back to work after lunch.

This is her preferred method
for carrying her bunny:
Squeaky toys always get carried like this
so she can squeak them when she walks by:

Ok, so this one isn't an official toy,
but check out that tongue.
She was so happy when she scored this "toy."


Alasdair said...

Ours is a pretty silly child... Don't forget her penchant for toy-ifying socks, too.

Also, I like your new layout.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, I think you just made me wish I had a dog.

Simply Wired said...

Almost forgot...I love love LOVE dogs. I have two Saint Bernards...THEY are my kids. I hope to get some pics up soon. I also adore cats, and have two of those as well. The four of them live in peace and harmony in our home.