Monday, July 30, 2007

Some days I feel like this too...

Today is one of those days.

I received 'news' that the terms of student loan changed: a) my unpaid principle balance went up, 2) each payment went up 3 dollars, and c) my first payment is now due one month earlier.

In an effort to not end up working a minimum wage job, which is a depressingly very real possibility, I made an appointment to talk with someone who might be able to help me at least make enough each month to pay back my student loan.

I really hope it pans out.

If it doesn't, I will have to go down to the temp agency where they will look at my resume, scratch their head, make me take a typing test - at which time they will realize I will make a terrible secretary not only because I can't type well enough but also because I don't really have any competence with a 10-key, fax machine, multi-line phone system, or Windoze - and then some days/weeks later I will finally receive a call that they have found a job for me (yippee!!) passing out pre-paid phone cards for minimum wage.

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Ms.PhD said...

What happened with that?