Thursday, July 26, 2007

New(f) Toy

The newf's new toy is the XL size Kong Wubba. The smaller ball on top is hard; the larger one is softer and squeaks. The whole thing is covered with tough nylon fabric and has 4 "legs."

When Max came home from the kennel yesterday he expressed an interest in her new toy. He hasn't played with a toy since June 23, 2006 - the day before Her Royal Newfsance came to live with us - so when he sniffed and mouthed this new toy we thought maybe he would make a play for it, and he did, but she shot him the usual "oh no you don't!" stance and ended that all too quickly. Below is the shot I got of him trying momentarily to defend his stake in the toy.

His renewed interest in toys was short-lived. This was Max's ultimate response to the newf toy.


Stormy The Sheltie said...

What a super cool toy!!! I'm TERRIBLY jealous... it looks AWESOME for playing tug!If I were you Max I'd try to sneak it away from her when she's sleeping just be careful that it doesn't squeak and wake her up!

trillwing said...

So cute!

Alasdair said...

Aww, poor mixmax. He really just gets screwed over a lot. I think he pretty much only plays with ice cubes these days. And treats, I suppose, if by "plays" you mean "eats."