Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The News Irks Me

Yesterday I read an AP story about how the state of PA benefits financially from selling confiscated items from airline travelers on ebay.

In Iran and Syria, women are forbidden from wearing all sorts of make-up in public. I don't even think it can brought into those countries by airline passengers. How is our fascist fundamentalist government any better when it thinks the solution to the latest 'terror plot' is to confiscate make-up?

More people can name "the three stooges" than the three branches of government and vanishingly few can name even 2 Supreme Court justices.

An idiot politician who wants to be leader of the "free" world got caught making a racial slur and now it's all over YouTube and CNN. He called an Indian student working for the other side a Makaka. Now that republican Bible Belt jackass is trying to explain it away. This blog summarizes the incident well. When people invoke monkeys and apes to disparage others, I hate that. Hate that. Rotten desert religions.

Maybe it's good that only half the people who can vote in this country actually do.

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