Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My front yard sports this solo flower, a gladiolus. Right before it unleashes its splendor it looks like a gladiator's spear. Very neat. I want to plant many, many more of them.

Right next to it is an as-yet-unidentified tree that we planted last year. It is one of the two survivors out of ten very young flowering saplings obtained as an incentive for joining the National Arbor Day Foundation. Any bets on which variety it is? Dogwood, rosebud, cherry, crab apple, or the ever so cool golden rain tree, aka koelreuteria?

The last variety produces wonderful seed pods. What is really interesting, and something I just discovered, is that this tree is NOT native to Washington State. It originates in Asia and is considered an invasive species in Florida!
According to this site, "Golden rain tree should not be planted in Florida (or in similar climates) because it becomes invasive and displaces native plants. The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council lists golden rain tree as an invader with the potential to disrupt native plant communities."

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Alasdair said...

Ah, yes, the magical trio of plants I haven't yet succeeded in doing in by lack of water!

I can't believe how well they're all doing. I'm totally crossing my fingers on the magic lantern tree, but I'm guessing crabapples. I think there's one on my way to work, so they seem to do well here.

I did not know they were trouble in Florida, but I did know they were invaders. I don't think the arbor people are too concerned about such details, which dovetails neatly with their willingness to sell the names of people who donate to other charities. I had to call them to opt out of that; never a good sign.

But they are cool trees, and I've grown attached to them :)