Monday, October 05, 2009

Learn to Count Auf Deutsch

While I was looking for a version of "Eins Zwei Polizei" on YouTube, I stumbled on this stop-motion animation that teaches you how to count in German, at least up to funf (5). It's amusing and charming. At the end, the groundhog stacks several pretzels and munches one.

Here's "Eins Zwei Polizei," a really catchy techno song that Mr. Field Notes discovered recently on YouTube. He says it's a traditional bed time song, although this particular song's beat is not exactly soporific! In any case, it combines counting, rhymes and repetition — perfect stuff for kids — and is really catchy.

Click here for "Eins Zwei Polizei."

Alexandra enjoyed listening to it the other night.


Ms Avery said...

Aw, that was so cute!

And is that your baby's name? It's a lovely one!

Field Notes said...

Yes =D

I was trying to keep it secret... oops!

Sirius Scientist said...

Very cute!

Sirius Scientist said...

On another note, I'm interested in trying my hand at the felt food you have posted recently, any advise for a beginner? What would be a good food to start out with?

Field Notes said...

Hi Sirius! Felt food is addictive, just to warn you =D

I'd recommend starting with a sandwich because it's mostly 2 dimensional so it's forgiving of errors in planning - in fact, it doesn't really take much planning besides cutting 2 pieces of anything you make, such as a slice of cheese or ham, and stitching them together.

You can see the sandwich I made here:

I have no idea how to make links in comments clickable so you'll have to cut and paste the URL or scroll down my links list until you find "felt food" under topics — that's where all the felt food I've made is.

The sandwich is easy. I used a sewing machine to make the veins on the leaves of lettuce for the sandwich... too much tedious work to stitch by hand. Same thing with the rings for the onion slice.

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