Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RBFB: Random Blogging From Bed

Other academic sorts RBoC, randomly blog on campus, posting bulleted tidbits from campus. Me? I'm Random Blogging From Bed.

Yes, by 6pm my day is finished — thanks to being 'in a family way' now. It was a highly productive day, although I am so tired I honestly can't remember what I even did. I am pretty sure it involved some mix of some soft of mental and physical work.

I do remember vacuuming ants. Those annoying little beasts are back, necessitating another trip to the store to buy stakes for the perimeter of the house. Add that one to the list of stuff sure to be forgotten once actually *at* the store...

Yesterday is also pretty much a blur, though I do remember trying to find maternity clothes that don't make me look like I'm wearing some sort of burka. Everything I tried on was either tent-like or was exceedingly feminine. I am pregnant but I have zero desire to dress like a 5-year-old girl. My god, does every shirt have to have ruffles, lace and/or flowers on it? And these aren't necessarily clothes that are made for pregnant women! They are what appears to be 'in style.' I have never really been a fashionista type, but I do care about wearing clothing that is stylish and flattering to my figure, and I really, really don't do ruffles, lace or flowers or pink. The closest I get to pink is dark burgundy. I would guess that some people would say I dress like a boy, and that's true to some extent, but it's all figure revealing stuff. I have a waist; I show it. And just because I'm now pregnant, I have no desire or intention to suddenly become feminine. Gag. Vomit. Barf. Where the heck do women who still have an hourglass figure (from the front anyway) while pregnant get clothing that isn't awful?

Katy gave me a hilarious fit of laughter yesterday. I am still giggling about it. We were at the dog park where she had been playing catch with a football she found there. The wind was howling cold so I suggested we pack it up and head home, especially since Katy had already flopped down to pant and drool over the worn out pigskin more than once. She was tired. So Mr. Field Notes and the two digbats and I made our way down the hill to the exit gate. We focused on getting Yuki's leash back on her and turned around to put Katy's on. But she had vanished! What the heck? Where did Big K go and why? Why? It's not like her to just disappear. She's a total homebody. We both called out for her. A little while later, here comes Katy bounding down the hill toward us with that football in her mouth.

She had run back up the hill, way off back in to the dog park interior, to go back to get it. What a nut! And she actually thought she could take it home with her. She looked so proud too, coming down the hill with a facefull of pigskin.

She's such a card. I love her big gallumpfyness. Guess she'll be getting a football for Christmas this year!

Wish me luck finding non-burka-like things to wear for the next several months! Even better — pass along whatever websites you know of where I can actually buy non-feminine, professional-looking, figure flattering clothing for pregnant women.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Good luck finding decent maternity clothes! I can empathize with your plight. I never wanted the baby pink beribboned tent blouses myself.
I suppose that is better than a t-shirt that says "baby" with an arrow pointing downward, which supposes that most people are so ignorant as to be unaware of your pregnant status, but not by much.
Try Old Navy online.

Field Notes said...

Funny you should mention ON - I am eagerly awaiting a package from them! Of course, I totally forgot what I even bought. I guess this is the 'pregnancy brain' I heard so much about. Being tired all of the time is certainly a recipe for short-term memory loss.

And those arrow shirts... or the ones that say 'Knocked Up' ... ugh. Who wears that stuff?

SquirrelGurl said...

Try Old Navy... they have a decent collection of trendier less flowery-foo-foo maternity clothes.

From the looks of my quick browsing online, they have a good number of plain, colored cotton tess, some cardigans, hoodies and nice capris...

Maybe what you are looking for?

SquirrelGurl said...


Just noticed, you already found them!


you can tell I just woke up!

Virginia Burnett said...

I can totally sympathise with the ruffled pink frustration you're experiencing. When I was pregnant, I had one black turtleneck, a sweatshirt, an electric blue swing top, a pair of jeans and a pair of beige cords that I rotated through - wearing each item at least three times a week! That was before Etsy -

I'll bet you could find some Etsy sellers who would be willing to whip up a couple of beautiful maternity tops for you. discobelly makes some beautiful maternity tee shirts that have silk screened designs that aren't stupid. turtleturtle makes belly bands that look like they could be handy.

Good luck! In a few months, you can be irritated about the fashion choices for breastfeeding moms!

Field Notes said...

LOL, Virginia, I already am on the search for a nursing bra that doesn't make me want to puke! Do women have to be made to feel the opposite of sexy while nursing?! Argh.. and the clothing for babies is just about as bad. I am determined to not let this motherhood thing change me but at some point you just give in, right?