Monday, March 16, 2009

We hit the fabric store today!

Over the weekend I found some awesome jungle theme fabric at for the baby room and today we bought the coordinating fabric to go with it. I'll be making curtains with horizontal bands in dark kiwi green, a vivid blueberry denim and pretty chocolate. At either the top or the bottom I'm sewing in a band of this fun print by Michael Miller Fabrics called "Jungle Jam."

I also loaded up on tons of coordinating fabric so I can make a diaper stacker (to conceal stacks of clean diapers ready to deploy at a moment's notice), a dust ruffle for the crib, a bumper, a hanging basket or two for stuffed animals, rattles and other toys, and three or four pillows.

For the pillows I'm planning on doing some applique animals out of felt to match the lion, owl and dragonfly in the curtain border print. I should have lots of left over fabric to make all sorts of other things too. As if that wasn't enough sewing, I also got enough fabric to make two quilts. Overboard, I know! They'll be big ones - about 4 x 6 feet.

One will be the funky Alexander Henry 2D Zoo print (top) with a light blue 'minky' fabric on the reverse and the other is the cheerful monkey print (bottom) with a pale lime green minky for the other side.

I ended up getting the rest of the bolt of dark kiwi green cloth at the fabric store today so they gave us the cardboard it was wrapped around.
It became the newest dog toy.

Yuki paraded it around, including from on top of the furniture, until Katy managed to tear half of it off along a perforation. Then Yuki dropped her piece to chase Katy's piece. They ended up shredding their cardboard in separate rooms until Mr. Field Notes eighty-sixed it before it became 386 dime-sized pieces all over the floor.

It ought to be fun to see how the sewing goes with not one, but two, Newfoundlands. Previously, it was just me and Max, and he was oh soooooo helpful, as you can see!


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Those are adorable fabrics! They are going to make such a wonderful room!

capitolagirl said...

That jungle fabric that you found on Etsy is cool! Happy sewing :)

Diamondaj said...

Love the fabrics. My dogs would have had a field day with the cardboard as well. You have beautiful dogs.

Nessa, Nanook & Pooka said...

Newfs are always ready to hold things down at a moment's notice!

Also, cardboard is Pooka's FAVORITE.

Paula said...

Great blog,amazing work. Congratulations. Our website carries wonderful stories from the conservation frontline on gorillas, bonobos, lions, elephants and many other species - hope you find something inspiring on them!

Carrie said...

Lovely fabrics, great find! I'm sure you'll make something lovely out of them...

Ms Avery said...

Gorgeous fabrics -- never occurred to me to try Etsy for fabric before!

It all sounds very exciting :)