Wednesday, January 09, 2008

eMagazine - An great source for environmental news & tips.

Recently I discovered an online news source that covers exclusively environmental topics. Included on the the website are links to things I find useful, such as information about Presidential candidates' track records with regard to supporting (or not) laws that make good environmental sense.

Previously, when I worked for the National Audubon Society after college, I became aware of the League of Conservation Voters. The eMagazine has a nice article up now (EarthTalk, this week) that compares the candidates' green ratings from the LCV. If you want to vote for a candidate who is at least a decent prospect for wielding green ideas from the executive office, it pays to check out what the LVC has to say. After all, according to psychological research: Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. I don't trust what people say; I trust what they do.

This week eMagazine carries a story about how CA and 15 other forward thinking states sued the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) when it denied a request from CA to waive the federal law that makes pollution control the domain of federal regulation. I'm with those 16 states. Although you can hear me chanting "states rights" from time to time under my breath, I do see the advantages of federal law. If it weren't for squashing states rights advocates in the 1860s, our country might still condone slavery in Alabama.

As for tips, eMagazine offers advice on how to tread more lightly on the earth. Leave no footprint... or ought we say leave no carbon footprint now? Hey, I'd love to be more carbon neutral, and I think all things considered - since I don't drive more than once a week and also heat my house to 65 and cool it to 76 in the summer - I do a pretty good job already. But I could do better, and so could you.

Replacing inefficient appliances is a good way to go. This article explains how to choose new ones wisely - without breaking the bank.

Hint: If you can afford to exchange only one kitchen appliance, choose the refrigerator. It's the only one that is on all the time, and its efficiency has improved the most of all appliances.

Two other features on the site that are useful:
1) Ask an environmental question. They get answered in the magazine's weekly online
EarthTalk column. Want to know where to go to responsibly get rid of an obsolete
computer? Just submit your question.
2) An online directory of environmentally themed products and services. If you operate a earth-friendly business, you can sign up to have your business linked here. If you're a conscientious shopper looking for earth-friendly gifts, browse the listings - or hop on over to check out the green gifts Recycled Ideas offers.

Instead of buying products that aren't already recycled or at least recyclable, choose products that are both!

And now comes another plug for smart green gift choices for your family, friends, and coworkers. Recycled Ideas offers a range of cute, clean, attractive gifts that are made from high post-consumer recycled content: bookmarks, bird cards, even felt monkeys made from recycled plastic bottles.


Nezha said...

Thanks Field Notes...I admit my green credentials are a bit lacking and now i have a way to make them better:)

Nezha said...

Hey Field Notes: to install a poll on blogger: log into your blog, click on customize on the header bar on top. On the side bar, click on "add a page element". A page will open that will give you a bunch of choices, one of which is "polls", click there. Write up your questions, save and voila!
When you're done with the poll, just go to the customize page again, click on the page element that has the poll, click on "remove page element" and you're done.
Hope that helps:)