Friday, June 22, 2007

Paper Making Stencils: Katagami

Once I learned about how the katazome paper I love so much is made (with stencils) I got really interested in the stencils, called katagami. Those who know me well already know where this is going...

I am headed toward making the paper myself using stencils I also make myself!

Or - at least something like it, cutting corners here and there like not using rice paste or wax but instead blotting on the paint through the stencil. I know it would be not be katagami-katazome, but I don't want to mess around with a more involved process when I have a vision for how it would work with a simpler one.

Yesterday I completed a carp stencil I cut using HP premium 32 lb. white paper. I wanted to see if I could do it.

I think it turned out well, but it won't hold up to repeated use. I figure it's pretty much a single use item. I have spent all day selecting the one spot to use it and haven't come up with anything definitive yet. I am leaning toward putting it above a door nob (the office closet door), the plant stand Sleyed made for me, or a card.

Moreover, now that I see I have no trouble creating a stencil of fairly intricate design (it's about 3.5 inches square), my next step is to create a stencil that will hold up to repeated use.

I recall seeing some thin foamy rubber that would fit the bill at one of the craft stores around here. I remember it being the type of substance that could be cut with a X-acto knife.

I think rather than making paper I'll start with painting fabric. I think it would awesome to deck our bathroom out in katazome-style printed fabrics and stencil painted wood with coordinating patterns - shower curtain, vanity, cabinets, towel rack, etc. It could look really, really neat. I want to get started this weekend! I'll try a pillow case first...

Here are some stencils I think I could recreate.


Angela Breidenbach said...

These are awesome ideas and designs! You are a very creative soul.

Anonymous said...

hi, I bought that same carp stencil online. I think it is under patent too. Just be careful posting, you don't want to get sued! Anyway, i bought a burning tool and the stencil plastic for making my own at michaels, it is pretty cheap, but I also just print out some of my pictures onto overhead projection sheets *hp brand) and it works just as well for repeated use, and way cheaper .

SkorbE! said...

photo paper is the easiest thing to cut and the stencil will last for about 100 uses

Anonymous said...

How interesting that an evolutionary psychologist is so creative! As an artist who makes a living from such creative and decorative endeavors as you are indulging in, I commend you for your courage to give it a try. As for the warning about plagarism with the fish design, I did notice that you stated you think you could recreate the image, not use that one. (However, I am also a spelling fanatic, and noticed that "door nob" should have been spelled "door knob") Forgiveness granted>:) :)

Field Notes said...

Thanks for the catch on my type-o!
The English language offers many opportunities to screw up when homophones are involved ;=)

And, science is a field that demands creativity. Those who aren't creative don't get very far in making discoveries. To me, science and creativity go hand in hand.

Frank said...

Try getting hold of some polyester drafting film. It makes the best stencils.Easy to cut and will last for hundreds of prints.