Monday, May 14, 2007

Newfy Drool-o-Meter

Found at Nanook the Newfoundland, the Newfy Drool-o-Meter Key:

Dry Mouth: Zero interest or appreciation for the item in question - not worth drooling over.

Minicicles: Just the tiniest hint of a droolcicle starting at either corner of the mouth. Drool worthy? Barely.

One-Slinger: The treat is good - good enough to get the juices flowing but not so good that I would offer it as an aperitif on a first date with Sunshade.

Two-Slinger: Now we're talking! The drool is even, it's sling-able, and it has been earned.

Simultaneous-Ropes-to-the-Floor: The highest honor I, or any newf, can offer a treat or toy. So delicious and delightful that the drool flows like water.

We call Katy's version of this the "drool fangs" but I like this one too.

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drsharna said...

Too funny. I just love big ol' slobbery dogs.