Friday, April 20, 2007

Talk About A Wild Hair

Now that the cat is out of the bag about what I research, I suppose the occassional hair reference or post devoted entirely to grooming will not come as a surprise.

I made an appointment to get my hair chopped off today. It's been a long time in the making and is now long enough that I could easily lose ten inches and still be able to pull it back in a short ponytail. I will donate my chopped hair to Locks of Love, the outfit that makes wigs for kids with cancer.

Although I like having long hair because it requires little maintenance, it is not totally maintenance free. I spend less than a minute "styling" it so that part is wonderful, but it is getting so long and heavy that the time it takes to wash and brush it is becoming a nuissance. Her Royal Highness the Newfsance can tell when I am brushing my hair because of the telltale sounds. I will admit that somedays I just braid it without brushing it because I don't feel like spending 20 masochistic minutes making it smooth. It is also incredibly heavy and since I don't blow it dry, it remains heavy for a long time until the water evaporates. I usually wash it in the evening so it can dry while I sleep.

I am ready for my summer buzz cut. When we get Zam the Spaniel buzzed for the summer he comes home with a fun short do we call the puppy cut. The few ounces he loses seem to come back in the form of pounds more youthful energy. We'll see what the puppy cut does for me!

Here's how it will look:

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Alasdair said...

Excellent. You're cuter, though.