Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walking Plans

Now that my dissertation is done and all of my job applications are in, I haven't got a whole lot to do, so I have taken to walking the dogs a lot more often during the past week!

Today Senior Spaniel and I walked all the way over to our old neighborhood to scope out two houses that are for sale. We don't need to move, but knowing that our income will probably double soon has got me thinking about the possibility of upgrading. I don't want a lot more space, but I would like to have a real 3rd bedroom, a full second bathroom, and a house that is on a more quiet street. If it had a fenced yard large enough for Newfers to run around that would be great. Well, Senior and I didn't see much that was truly exciting.

I needed to carry him home the last 4 blocks. He weighs 30 lbs and I'm a bit of a shrimp too, but we made it. What's more amazing than the fact that I could carry him home easily was that he actually let me do it. Usually he snarls if he's picked up, but this time it was as if I bailed him out big time. He's snoozing at my feet now.

Newfers will leave soon to walk downtown with me to pick up her favorite guy from work. One thing about living so close to work/ school/ downtown/ groceries and all of the conveniences of our noisy location is that we do actually walk a lot. I am reminded of this every time I talk to my MT family who have a habit of asking what the price of gas is. I always say that I haven't got a clue because it has been so long since I had to fill the tank!

If we find a house that allows us this level of convenience (excuses to walk), offers a little more space, is still modern inside *and* leaves us plenty of money left over, we will be extremely lucky. I'm talking with our agent tomorrow, just to feel out what's on the market here. Maybe if we trade up we can stop worrying about that damned roof and the old pipes. If not, hey, we will get a new roof, maybe a new sewer line, and have loads of money left to invest and travel, not to mention other things that will be necessary if...

I guess you can tell I am confident I will be offered the job I want and have already mentally spent my earnings!

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