Friday, December 08, 2006

Mammals May Share Vocal Communication Pattern

"What do dog barks have in common with bird tweets and human baby cries? All appear to communicate basic emotions, such as fear, aggression and submission, in somewhat the same acoustic way, according to a new Applied Animal Behavior Science study that suggests a primitive communication system may unite virtually all mammals."

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Anonymous said...

howdy holly good reading & the pink snow was cool!! candice & i saw it at grasshopper glacier. the griz lost so im bummed out today seeya dad

Anonymous said...

You will so laugh (at least I hope so) :-D I know two different Hollys. I sent you both Christmas cards. I didn't realize how quickly you would receive yours and so assumed it was the other Holly that posted. LOL! So now I'm eating my words in my response as the other Holly is a realtor (much different from a scientist!) Or maybe not as she has to study the behavior of people:-)
What a nice blog you have. I'll bet mammals do share vocal communication patterns because I believe in a common Creator.
Have a Merry Christmas and keep blogging even if your cousin gets you confused with someone else!