Saturday, November 18, 2006

Christmas Wish List

Every year I have such a hard time figuring out what to get everyone for the holidays. Gift exchange is an important tradition, I think, but as much as picking the perfect surprise gift for everyone is ideal, it doesn't always happen. Last year I found four perfect gifts for my MIL. She loved them and said something like "Holly really knows me." Little did she know that it took 9 months and a lot of luck to stumble on the perfect thing. That almost never happens, so I think it would be really helpful if they all kept blogs and put up a post right about now about what's on their wish list to give some ideas for those years when the perfect thing didn't cross my path.

Here's what's on mine:

Coleman Big Red Plush Oversized Ball (for the Baroness von Roughenhausen who LOVES balls but has none - she's not supposed to play fetch with tennis balls because Newfies can choke on them)

Aquolina Pretty In Pink Gift Set (I got a sample from Sephora a while back and loved it)

set of pastel pencils like these (probably easy to find at Art Media in PDX) along with something to gently fix it in place on the paper so it doesn't smudge, and a good pencil sharpener

several sheets of good quality drawing/painting/pastel paper around 18x18in large

Black Currant Vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works

incredibly soft sheets (Queen size) and pillowcases in burgundy or light olive (I have yet to find them... My pillow, whatever fabric it's made out of, is what I'm looking for. Anyone know what composition of fabric to look for to get really soft sheets?)

iTunes gift certificate

a tall, narrow crystal bud vase (I like the looks of this one)

Starry Night Victoria's Secret flannel p.j.s (XS) with matching slippers (free if ordered before Dec 5)

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Body Cream (enter code CIRQUE4 at Sephora to get nifty gift bag for free)

Kenzo Flower Pearly Poppy Cream

An extremely neat puzzle box from Japan.

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